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Sat, Jun. 25th, 2005, 08:01 am
my mom found this somewhere

Why Writing a Dissertation is Harder Than Having a Baby

  1. Three months before your due date, your doctor doesn't say "I want you to go back and redo the first trimester's work.
  2. Unlike advisors, you can switch doctors without starting over.
  3. Conceiving a baby is WAY more fun than conceiving a topic.
  4. You know exactly how long pregnancy takes.
  5. Friends and relatives don't question the worth of a baby.
  6. You don't need to explain repeatedly to friends and family what it takes to make a baby and why you're not through yet.
  7. No one will make you get an advanced degree before having a baby.
  8. Everyone will say your baby is cute and you'll believe them.
  9. Babies don't require proper footnoting or adherence to a style manual.
  10. You can freely borrow other people's stuff if you're having a baby; if you're writing a dissertation, that's called plagiarism.
  11. No one will complain that your baby is too similar to another one.
  12. No matter how much trouble, some people will gladly have more than one baby.